Tuesday, 5 January 2016

January new start.

I have seriously lost my  art mojo in recent years. I have only occasionally made a half hearted attempt to do something .
Recently I treated myself to a new Wacom Graphics tablet. The one I have used for years is very basic. I celebrated by making a frothy, pink, girly image. Tah Dah!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Challenges and WOYWW

Linking with Julia  I have been able to join in a few things this week.

Work desk whilst making the tag
Tag made for tag Tuesday

Digital whisper challenge

Saturday, 6 June 2015

WOYWW and other stuff.

My work desk is not exactly brimming with completed projects this week. I have just started to work on my 'Wreck this Journal' I find it very hard to be destructive so It's probably a good exercise eh? 
I decided to use a limited colour palette of purples and pinks in this journal (imposing order you see) I popped into Staples for some Sharpies, picked up about six at £1.40 each. At the checkout desk was a complete set of colours on offer for £9.50. You have to have your wits about you, dem shops is slippery divils!
You can also see a set of felting needles from Heidifeathers they are sized and colour coded. I'm just getting to grips with the technicalities of it all. 
Still ploughing through my PHD's it's the turn of the half finished felted stuff this week. This post is for Julia's WOYWW
Hope you all have a happy productive week.
 Don't forget to visit Julia at Stamping ground if you haven't already.

Friday, 29 May 2015

What's on my desk

Morning all!
The work desk looks a little sparse. What a week. Phew! glad it’s over.
I finished off the little needle-felted and beaded brooches which have been in a box since…I dunno how long.
I was intending to make a couple more felted covered soaps. I thought It would be good to make some more to give away or sell. It was not to be.
I shall try and condense the happenings during the week that followed.
Plugged in external hard drive. Dead! Paid lots of dosh to retrieve contents.
Loads of computer geekery speakery later.. Sorted.
Upgraded operated system on IMAC to accommodate  new hard drive and found that my Blimmin printer would not work!! Delving into the forums researching  this problem it turns out there was a way of solving this. Hurrah! 'Solving it' involved digging into a ‘sandbox’ which is in the depths of your computer or summat  and rewriting a couple of lines of code. Dear readers I did it, the print of a sheep is proof positive.

Then finally my hubby went into hospital for his long awaited shoulder op. Bored man around the house alert, but the op was successful. Nothing in this tale is of any importance in the grand scheme of things. It just feel great when everything eventually turns out fine.
Joining in over at The lovely Julia's WOYWW with this post

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Gosh! Another week gone already!
Thank you to for your lovely encouraging comments. I am relieved to find so many people with  minds (and desks) like mine.
I decided to be brave and show the view from my window as well. it's not too bad when there isn't a car on the drive.
As you can see I put the pink stuff away for another time. My personal challenge this week involved grabbing a handful of colour co-ordinated stuff from my 'bits and experiments' box.
There was a little sketchbook crying out for a new cover. Can you see I actually made a Christmas card!! I'm bonkers I am.
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