Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The case of the missing Mojo.

Well! it's October already and my Mojo has been missing for most of this year, 
I am ready to attempt to find it,  I shall take it very slowly, perhaps if I creep up on it I can catch it unawares!
What I shall try and do is take a photo of everything I make during the course of one week this will include my digital doodles, works in progress and attempts at artistic photography. 

Week starting yesterday 17th October 2016.
I made a start on some bunting for my grandaughter's bedroom. I had already made the curtains.

Lots of fabric from The Bull Ring Market Birmingham 

Not bad but it is not artistically challenging is it?

The image below is a WIP. I go to a class on Fridays which is hosted by a superb stitcher. She despairs of  some of us getting anything done. We have such fun in this group. Occasionally I follow instructions this was one of them. Our glorious leader let us plunder her stash for bits of hand dyed fabric and told us to do random and free size cross stitch on it. It may, eventually, sometime before I shuffle off, become a pincushion.


  1. Love the bunting! Don't worry your mojo won't have gone far.

    1. thanks Sarah if you see it send it home eh?