Friday, 29 May 2015

What's on my desk

Morning all!
The work desk looks a little sparse. What a week. Phew! glad it’s over.
I finished off the little needle-felted and beaded brooches which have been in a box since…I dunno how long.
I was intending to make a couple more felted covered soaps. I thought It would be good to make some more to give away or sell. It was not to be.
I shall try and condense the happenings during the week that followed.
Plugged in external hard drive. Dead! Paid lots of dosh to retrieve contents.
Loads of computer geekery speakery later.. Sorted.
Upgraded operated system on IMAC to accommodate  new hard drive and found that my Blimmin printer would not work!! Delving into the forums researching  this problem it turns out there was a way of solving this. Hurrah! 'Solving it' involved digging into a ‘sandbox’ which is in the depths of your computer or summat  and rewriting a couple of lines of code. Dear readers I did it, the print of a sheep is proof positive.

Then finally my hubby went into hospital for his long awaited shoulder op. Bored man around the house alert, but the op was successful. Nothing in this tale is of any importance in the grand scheme of things. It just feel great when everything eventually turns out fine.
Joining in over at The lovely Julia's WOYWW with this post


  1. Oh those little clouds are just charming, how lovely! Am so glad that things have worked out..lack of working tech makes me tear my hair out in frustration...because I only understand the bits I use when it works. And also because it's so scarey that sulking and being horrible doesn't make anyone else step up to do it for me!!
    Happy to hear the Opertation went OK for DH, what a relief, huh. Perhaps you can teach him the felting...!

    1. Thank you Julia I was ridiculously pleased with myself for solving the techie stuff. DH is wandering around complaining that there is nothing on TV. I taught him to macrame years ago now where is that rope?

  2. Oh Pat, you had me laughing the entire time I read your post. Until I got to the part where you fixed the code on the printer. Then you had me slapping my leg and saying how clever of you. Way to go!!

    I love making felted soap, so I hope you get to do that soon. Those brooches more than made up for it, though. They are awesome.

    Happy belated WOYWW from #1.

    1. Thank my dear for your kind words. I sincerely hope that I have seen the last of compootery nonsense for a while. I am now going to shuffle over to my desk and finish something else while I'm in the mood. The invalid is engrossed in a Rugby game on the gogglebox...peace at last.x

  3. Glad that you got it all sorted...I am lucky that I live with a geek speeking man and so I sometimes get him to fix my stuff...but know the old addage of the coblers kids have no is hard to get him to fix stuff I, like you have learned to dig into the geekery and solve stuff myself... Way to go on the sheep print! #26

    1. Thanks for coming over Belinda. I am determined to do something arty farty today. Time will tell if it will ever get a public airing. I have multiple PHD's doncha know (projects half finished).x