Tuesday, 24 February 2015

February Update

I am so bad at updating. This blog is usually the first to suffer. I have recently started to participate in 'Tag Tuesday' challenges again. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. It feels like I have been in an artistic wilderness  for a such a long time.
Participated in a Dyeing Day with some friends and I thoroughly enjoyed that.
I also went to a painting workshop last weekend. I was a bit rusty but pleased with my efforts.
Still attempting to de-stash and de-clutter my art and craft stuff. I don't think it's possible really but I shall try. In a way it is a kind of weird prompt challenging yourself to just use what you already have.

 Couple of results from the Dyeing Day

Below is the Tag For Tag Tuesday The prompt was Text

As I mentioned I am on a crusade to de-stash, de-clutter and finish my PHD's (projects half done). The tag I produced was made from stuff squirrelled away for decades. 
Ink and Salt on Watercolour paper. card letters, TAG YOU were the only words I could make without buying more! Heat gun experiments. Heat it up embossing powder. Wire stuff.

Below an apron I made fabric from IKEA £4.00 a metre

I went to IKEA intending to buy an apron, they fit great and are such good value...none to be had. Disgruntled! I thought I would copy the one I had. So I did!! Now I think It's too nice to get dirty Ha! ha!

Below a Needlefelted Apple ...as you do!

Crazy about Needlefelting at the minute as well This is an worm eaten Apple one of my first attempts, Tah! Dha! Done in Response to a challenge in Be Creative a Facebook page I follow.

Below a shot of my desktop while I am creating.. a mess usually!


  1. Beautiful fabric produced on your Dyeing Day, Pat! Such lovely colour combinations! Do you fancy a little stash swap to ring the changes? We could sent each other a little package of scraps and snippets to use in projects!
    Jane x

    1. What a great idea Jane. I actually do not know anyone personally who I could do that with.

  2. Great, Pat! I will e mail you!