Thursday, 16 October 2014

Playing with my stash.

Two hearts made from my ENORMOUS stash. My plan is to make things without buying anything .
This of course will involve nerves of steel whilst in shops selling  pretty wool and fabulous fabric.
I decided to start with  a box full of vintage fabrics and doileys I had dyed using the cram jar method using Procion dyes.
I put together a selection of burgundy and plummy colours then scoured my studio for bits and bobs of wire, beads, hand painted silk flower half finished small stuff etc that I thought might work together. We shall see how I stick to this plan I have a history of going off at tangents!!


  1. Beautiful work Pat! Carry on using your stash, the results are very pleasing. You have a lovely combination of elements in the hearts. Like you, I am always planning to use my stash and not buy anything, but it doesn't always quite work out!
    Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane. I may be too old to change I fear.

  2. These hearts are beautiful and very covetable (is that a word?)! Gorgeous.
    Carolyn xx