Friday, 15 February 2013

Doris is famous!

A lady gave me a box of buttons inside was a whole lifetime of button collecting. Two of the pieces I have used here on my letter D tag. One is not a button of course but what's left of a little brooch with 'Doris' on it. 'Dream on Doris' the other button is metal and embossed on it is 'make our own' Curious eh?
I love looking at pics of other peoples workspace so I thought it only fair that I show you a little bit of mine.
Carolyn Saxby who is the talented host of Tag Tuesday was kind enough to ask to use the image as a temporary header. Who knew five minutes of fame was lurking in the detritus of my workspace!!

1 comment:

  1. Just zipped to look at your blog Pat, wish I had come sooner! My dearest mate lives in Wistaston, next time I visit her we will have to have that coffee, if you live near enough! I love the heading you have done for tag tuesday. x