Monday, 19 November 2012


I have never pretended to be anything I’m not. One of the things I’m definitely not is a cake baker. In fact I’m a very plain cook all round. Hey! Who shouted pull your apron over your head then?
I decided to make a Victoria sponge for my number one son for his birthday.
So? What’s newsworthy about that? I hear you ask
The fact that said number one son is forty six and I’ve not made a cake for him since he was a ‘now’t but a lad.’ No! It’s that once I got my trusty old  Mason & Cash mixing bowl out and  blew off the cobwebs I became a woman possessed.
A couple of hours later tray of flapjacks, a large banana and walnut tea loaf and a Victoria sponge appeared. They all turned out flabbergastingly good. Is this the start of a new obsession? Will I start looking at muffin tins and cupcake toppings? Why am I writing this down ? Why don’t I do something useful like make  tray of biscuits. Ha! Ha!

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  1. Brilliant :) wheres the cake? I want to see! lol baking can be great fun when it all works! I agree Pat your banana bread looks lovely I bet it was yummy :)