Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Beast that calls itself Etsy

It started out with a throw-away comment from me to my little friend Jan. "Why don't we sell our 'stuff' on Etsy as well as doing the odd craft fairs"
Well at least three months later we now have Etsy shops. We couldn't believe how hard it was to get the shops  up and running and looking how we wanted them to. There are some unbelievably talented people on there,the more you look ( and believe me you look) the more you think you have had a stupidly bad

If we sell anything It will be the cherry on the top!


  1. Hi Pat-I love your pincusions- and I think you will sell ,also more than the cherry :)
    ( saying hello from Denmark)

  2. I think you will too! I love the crocheted collar you designed, what a talented lady! I've also been thinking about setting up an etsy shop, but that's basically as far as it's got so far, I'm wonderfully disciplined in the art of pontification!

  3. I have to be very careful with my comments in future don't I!!! Seriously, thanks for all your help and encouragement Gert - sorry Pat! It's great fun and I'm delighted you've made your first sale. We just have to get more 'stuff' up there now ....x