Saturday, 12 February 2011

Show and tell. Have I enough stuff in my stash?

I seem to have gone into overdrive with my collecting mania this week. I promised myself that I would complete all the projects I’d started but hadn’t finished before I bought anything new. HA! It all started innocently enough. A trip into Stafford with my daughter Becky found us at a huge antique and collectable fair. I was quite restrained just a few little trinkets which will make me loads of money, ‘cough’ ‘cough’ when I recycle them into something beautiful.
While I was there I noticed a flyer for a local auction house, General sale etc, viewing the following Wednesday.  I have never been to a live auction. ‘It can’t hurt to take a look’ I thought. I took my friend Jan………BIG mistake; she is as naughty as me.
I bought a Damask tablecloth off EBay for £0.07 pence pp £2.00. Went to Birmingham on the train because my grandson Oscar adores trains. Somehow found myself in the Rag Market. How did that happen??  Two yards of fabric jumped up and said, “You need me
Vintage fair finds

Making hearts using up my stash

Work in progress


  1. Ohhh i know the feeling but ahhhhh the beauty you can do with the purchases
    hope you are having a great weekend my friend
    hugs June

  2. Reading your blog has given me a pot-pourri of emotions. First envy - Oh no! Not another talented craft personage, admiration (only sneaky, mind!) of your lovely hearts. Pleasure at your comment on my blog - thank you. And to cap it all, sadness at the loss of your lovely Meg. Lettice is 13 on St Valentine's day, she's already had two mini strokes and we are putting our life on hold for her. Don't you just love their undying love and devotion. My heart goes out to you Pat. LLX

  3. These hearts are beautiful - I love them! Thanks for becoming a follower! I will go and have a look at the rest of the your blog!


  4. Hello ...
    thanks so much for your lovely comment.
    Such incredible talent here...the hearts, your digital work, everything ... my jaw went slack!

    Also, like Lettice, I am so very sorry about Meg. We lost our Rosie exactly a year ago today and it still hurts very much. I feel for you. x
    Keep in touch
    viv x

  5. Thank you for the kind comments you recently left on my blog.

    These hearts are beautiful.